Aries - The Year Ahead

You have been dealing with vast change, especially in your career, but those shifts have been leading you in the right direction. Not since mid-1999 to mid-2000 have you seen such exciting financial opportunities presented to you, and it will be up to you to decide which ones have the greatest potential for long term growth. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, is currently in Taurus and will start to reward you materially, and at that time, your earned income could easily begin to skyrocket. From now on, you will have a wonderful opportunity to be paid well for the work you do. This is a real change, and one you will enjoy. You will have until 12 June to raise your income substantially, but you must be determined to be part of the process. Show the universe your resolve to get paid well and then schedule interviews to make that goal a reality. Your best moments to make excellent money will come in late April, just after the new moon 21 April plus two weeks, and in early May, including on (or near) the luckiest day of the year, 13 May, when Jupiter conjoins the Sun.

Your career has been in flux, but will soon settle down, and all the changes that were thrust on you will soon turn out to be blessings. It will be imperative that you nail your opportunity in January, or cool your jets and wait until the full moon in your honours sector, 3 July. Mars will be retrograde for a time, 23 January to 13 April, and that might prove to be a little frustrating for you. This is another reason you will have to hit the ground running the minute the year takes off, in January. There will be not time for a warm up! During mid-May to end of June, you will likely find it harder than usual to get the salary you want, for the people you will meet with will be in a cost-cutting mode at the time. In a year like 2012, you really do have to carefully step between the raindrops to avoid bad timing.
Romantically, if you are attached, you are dealing with Saturn, and lately your union may have seemed like more work than fun, but sometimes life is that way. The relationship in question may be personal or business in nature, so before you worry that your closest relationship is due to get rocky, as you see, that’s not the case at all.

What if you are single? What will the year bring for you? You have a good outlook. I am particularly enthusiastic about your prospects for the luckiest day of the year, 13 May. It appears you will make a tidy sum of money, you may also win the jackpot of love.

You will get a lot of opportunities to travel, and with your outlook for making money in the coming year to be bright, it looks like you will be able to splurge a little to enjoy a bit of relaxing time away. The friendly solar eclipse of 20 May could have you travelling to a beautiful spot not too far from home. You might also hop an airplane on or about 4 June, but the aspects are more troublesome then, and work may press on you at the same time. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will enter your third house of travel on 12 June, to stay until June 2013, so no worries, you will be able to pick and choose your travel dates and go to any where your heart dictates. One time of the year you should NOT travel is over the difficult eclipse of 28 November.

Saturn will move on to Scorpio in October, and when this teacher planet enters your eighth financial sector, you will need to protect your financials. Life can be chaotic at times, but we all learn to take it all with a shrug and a smile. You are as resourceful soul, and if anyone can get out of a tight situation, it’s you. Dear Aries, the smart money has always bet on you to be the winner.

Susan Miller for Russh

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