Postcard - San Francisco

My mum spent a few years in America before she settled down. She's been asking me for years to go to America
with her, and when she brought up a visit at the beginning of the year, the timing finally felt right.

It was amazing to see the city where my mum her early twenties. Four days wasn't enough to see and do
everything, but I got a great taste of the city and look forward to the opportunity of thoroughly exploring it
in the future.

We stayed across the bay in Oakland and explored Haight Ashbury (walking the Castro until we found her old
apartment), Fisherman's Wharf and the waterfront. We had brunch at a cute French style cafe in the Hays
where I fell in love with iced tea and wandered around boutiques. One store caught my imagination, Reliquary
where I saw a beautiful piece of mud cloth (more on that to come). I left it, thinking I'd find something better and
more beautiful as the day wore on but we ended up retracing our steps that afternoon just so I could go back
and buy it.

We had the privilege of a personal tour of Pixar too. Pixar seemed like a really cool environment with an emphasis
on creativity and collaboration. Until my visit I didn't truly appreciate the time and energy that goes into these
animated films and it blew me away. Steve Jobs was pivotal in its development, and the building that he designed
was all light open space with communal kitchens, meeting rooms, offices and exhibition spaces. It is now the
central hub of a few buildings that nurture the creativity of those that work there.

Photography: Heather Mason

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