New Work Preview / Beer Jerk

When Luke and Brent from Beer Jerk approached me late last year to develop their branding identity and assist with their marketing, I was intrigued and excited by their concept. As a club for interesting and rare beers from around the world and New Zealand, Beer Jerk members receive a box every twelve weeks containing twelve truly unique beers. Each Thursday (usually around 7.30pm), Beer Jerks around the country drink the weekly designated beer and talk about it online. The next week they do the same again, with a different awesome beer. 

Here are some of the images from my moodboard:

Inspiration via Pinterest

This was an opportunity to create the look and feel of an exciting new startup from scratch.

I wanted to create an identity that was simple and classic with an honest, hand-done quality. As a beer club it needed a nod towards the brewing industry without actually looking like a brewery.

I will be designing everything from brand identity, collateral pieces and packaging elements so stay tuned for the full reveal...

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