Eat, Read, Watch, Wear / Edition #22

Image via Lady and Pups

So, I know its been a little while. We've been away (travel post to follow soon), work has been kind of overwhelming and everything suddenly seems like its amped up. I'm really not complaining though but am enjoying the quieter moments, the little pockets of sunshine and warmth. Anyhow, here is my latest round-up:

Eat // I'm looking forward to the summertime and making my own ice cream, or this no-churn mascarpone soft serve with balsamic vinegar.

Read // I've just finished 'The Girls From Corona Del Mar' by Rufi Thorpe. A tale of friendship, distance and different paths. It also made me realise that you can never really know another person...

Watch // Prison Break, Season 2. Although its not as beautifully crafted as the first season, its still great tv. 

Wear // Denim on denim with a soft white tee for freshness.

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